Thursday, May 3, 2018

My Latest Book


This blog is about my latest book, titled "Autobiography of a Terrorist - A journey from death to life", that was released in Print on 21st Jan. '15 and in E-Book format on 01st Feb. '15. The book is currently available on (Click here for details).

The book, as the title says, is the autobiography of a terrorist in his own words that have been penned by me. It is a true, real - life story about a boy's journey from being a normal Muslim teenager to a sulking riot - victim to being a trainee in a terrorist training camp in Pakistan to a bombing expert in demand by various terrorist organizations to his participation in one of the biggest bombing missions ever undertaken by any terrorist organization in the world to the execution of the said project in India and, finally, to the realization about the truth behind terrorism and his penance.

This book will help a lot of people understand the realities behind terrorism as an ideology, as a mission, as a fanatical outlook and as a business. A lot of us know about the dirty secrets behind the veil of terrorism and a still larger number has a somewhat vague but firm idea about those realities but a huge majority simply thinks in the terms of good and bad without realizing the truth behind TERRORISM.

For quite obvious reasons, he has decided to hide his name in the book and has changed the names of several people to prevent authorities from tracing him using the book. It might come out as unbelievable but throughout all the discussions that stretched well over a couple of months, he never gave me his name or his current address or occupation. And, in our last meeting, he told me that he was leaving Delhi forever to make sure his current peaceful life is not interfered with in any manner.

I wish him best of luck and I hope his story will make a lot of people understand what breaks a person and makes a terrorist and who are the actual terrorists behind the veil.


My first book "Annihilation : Almost" was published by Partridge (A Penguin Books company) recently and is available on all major online bookstores like Amazon.comBarnes &, and etc.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Autobiography of a Terrorist